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Overwhelming response to Ar. Santosh Wadekar's design for the Notredame Cathedral in Paris, France

Ar. Santosh Wadekar's public exhibition of the prototype for the Roof and Spire of the Notre dame Cathedral's proposed redesign in Paris drew in huge crowds of visitors from the industry at the recently concluded Economic times, Acetech Exhibition at NESCO, Mumbai.

The Notre Dame Cathedral at Paris, France Burnt down in 2019 causing massive loss to the UNSECO listed heritage structure. In response to the Design competition called out by the French president Emanual Macron, Ar. Wadekar submitted his design for the redesign of the spire as well as the roof of the structure. This won the Top award at Peoples Choice award held in California, in the US.

A prototype of this model was installed at the Acetech exhibition in Mumbai and recieved rave reviews from the Design fraternity. The Prototype was 3d Printed by Lotus design studio in Mumbai.

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